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Through the grapevine, I wanted to contribute my post of a very happy 80th birthday to Ursula K LeGuin, wicked important SFF writer and commentator, as well as inventor of the handy ansible!  Your books are truly inspiring and life-changing, and I wish you many happy returns. If you haven’t picked up a book by […]

So Chally was doing that interview meme, and because I enjoy talking about myself, I decided to go for it.  (Chally, btw, had a great post on Octavia Butler linked at io9 recently–some feminist redemption for them, ne?) If you would like five questions from me, please leave a comment and I’d be glad to ask. […]

try pie, try.


Any geek who reads Feministe knows that Megan McArdle’s sorta full of shit this week, but this really takes the cake, and apparently I’m the only person out in the blogosphere who thinks so.  Way to go, y’all. How do the menfolk convince the little woman to fancy some science fiction? On the surface, the […]