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In case you don’t pay attention to online fandom, the shit hit the fan last week in a way that manages to drag me out of my sort of hiatus state and into a ranty frame of mind.  It started out in bandom (indie band RPS/F, which personally, I don’t get the appeal of, but […]

So apparently Joss Whedon would like you to ignore what he says about himself being a feminist, in the context of his showsetc., because the author’s intention shouldn’t be relevant in deciding if a work is feminist. Sounds sensical, but I’d buy that a LOT quicker if he weren’t already milking the auteur role for everything […]

And on the same topic as the last: I went to Smith, on generous grants from an endowment sponsored by donations big and small and investments both ethically sound and dubious.  My father is a manual laborer, and my mother teaches in a public school.  Yes, I am white.  Yes, I grew up lower-middle-class and […]

I don’t usually say things like this.  Mostly because I don’t find it productive.  But wow, hearing about what just happened to Micole as part of Racefail?  That sort of broke me. The ‘progressive’ SF establishment?  You can all kindly go fuck off and die.  Right now.  You fucking elitist self-aggrandizing asswipes. How dare you […]

Guys and Dolls


Dollhouse. As Micole says, I have no political justification for liking it. But I can’t help but watch it.  I suppose you’ve seen one post, you’ve seen them all, but I have something to say, so I’m gonna say it.  Behind a cut (apologies to those on the feed) for spoilers because I am Nice […]

Initial, early thoughts on Dollhouse can be found in my comment at Hoyden About Town. Believe me, I will have more when it isn’t late at night.  Plenty more.

In case you thought I was being too hasty with my judgment about Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight work a couple of weeks ago, it seems that my guess was dead on, according to this story from Nikki Finke (via Jezebel).  Apparently production company Summit is confirming in not so many words (uh, ‘artistic differences’) what an insider […]