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In case you don’t pay attention to online fandom, the shit hit the fan last week in a way that manages to drag me out of my sort of hiatus state and into a ranty frame of mind.  It started out in bandom (indie band RPS/F, which personally, I don’t get the appeal of, but […]

Tammy Oler, over at Bitch’s Love/Shove blog, found something related to the new Trek movie that hadn’t even crossed my mind–apparently Mattel’s doing Kirk, Spock, and Uhura Barbie/Ken dolls as part of the marketing. Usually, I’d be complaining about commercialization and the body image issues (both in terms of size and in terms of race) […]

These are the sorts of things that go through my mind after two drinks and a lot of websurfing at 1 AM, and I realize this is an older issue, but I’ve never dealt with it publicly in any of my web presences, so you get to deal with it now. I could do with never hearing, […]

Talking point, courtesy of tonight’s new House.  Don’t worry, it’s not spoilery. Is feminism about being able to have everything, or about being able to try for anything?  Is deliberately becoming someone’s subordinate and being happy with that role in life a valid feminist position? I don’t really know yet.  I’ll get back to you. […]