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Right–in case you’re tired of waiting around for me to make a post on here (and I’m not abandoning this blog, mind), you can get Bene quick hits at my Dreamwidth account. Feel free to subscribe. Advertisements

Just had a stressful few weeks, I’m afraid.  This time of year and I don’t usually get on so well.  Stay tuned.

Now that my anger (including basically being told en masse to sit down and shut up, admittedly in an eloquent way) has burned down to simmering rage, I have a couple of things to ponder intelligently: – oyceter asks what those who were silent are going to do, what SF fandom will do to welcome […]

And on the same topic as the last: I went to Smith, on generous grants from an endowment sponsored by donations big and small and investments both ethically sound and dubious.  My father is a manual laborer, and my mother teaches in a public school.  Yes, I am white.  Yes, I grew up lower-middle-class and […]

Hi, my name is Bene, and I’m a closet politica. It’s sort of depressing, actually, the way in which I ravenously devour poll data, news stories, and pundit-flavoured bullshit.  I actually sort of thrive on the conflict, do my best thinking and have more revelations when I’ve got my arse to the fire.  Which probably […]