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Co-signed. Yes, I’m emerging from the metaphorical woodwork.  I was slightly reticent to do so, as I haven’t been around that much, and I’ve not always been the best in checking my language, even as a PWD myself… (Crap, outed myself without the long post I’ve been meaning to write for months.  I blame the fact […]

So apparently Joss Whedon would like you to ignore what he says about himself being a feminist, in the context of his showsetc., because the author’s intention shouldn’t be relevant in deciding if a work is feminist. Sounds sensical, but I’d buy that a LOT quicker if he weren’t already milking the auteur role for everything […]

Guys and Dolls


Dollhouse. As Micole says, I have no political justification for liking it. But I can’t help but watch it.  I suppose you’ve seen one post, you’ve seen them all, but I have something to say, so I’m gonna say it.  Behind a cut (apologies to those on the feed) for spoilers because I am Nice […]

In reading parts and pieces of Racefail 2009/the Great Cultural Appropriation Debate, I read something that resonated not only in the context of Racefail or in discussions surrounding racism.   (…and here’s where I freely admit that I didn’t read everything, or even the majority of things.  I read a lot of recaps because frankly there’s […]

In lieu of a better post explaining this, as I need to restart…I’ve found these two thoughts come close to explaining how I feel about my engagement with rights issues and why I can’t subscribe to a single line of exclusionary rhetoric. Samuel R. Delany, as quoted by L. Timmel Duchamp Though I am black […]

Tammy Oler, over at Bitch’s Love/Shove blog, found something related to the new Trek movie that hadn’t even crossed my mind–apparently Mattel’s doing Kirk, Spock, and Uhura Barbie/Ken dolls as part of the marketing. Usually, I’d be complaining about commercialization and the body image issues (both in terms of size and in terms of race) […]

Because I really just don’t know where to start with the massive clusterfuck that is this year’s cultural appropriation SFF community ‘discussion’…rydra_wong on LJ’s been making linkdumps. Basically, I don’t know at this point if I have anything useful to add that hasn’t been said by people who are better at it than me and […]