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Co-signed. Yes, I’m emerging from the metaphorical woodwork.  I was slightly reticent to do so, as I haven’t been around that much, and I’ve not always been the best in checking my language, even as a PWD myself… (Crap, outed myself without the long post I’ve been meaning to write for months.  I blame the fact […]

Now that my anger (including basically being told en masse to sit down and shut up, admittedly in an eloquent way) has burned down to simmering rage, I have a couple of things to ponder intelligently: – oyceter asks what those who were silent are going to do, what SF fandom will do to welcome […]

Because today was soul-crushing in terms of weather, I’ve got nothing angry or thought-provoking.  Instead, inspired by Jill at Feministe, here are my terribly mainstream random ten from iTunes.  Not quite cool enough for primetime, sadly, unless it’s Celtic Evening Primetime; I swear to god, I have this set on the most random shuffle pattern and it […]