Yes, I’m emerging from the metaphorical woodwork.  I was slightly reticent to do so, as I haven’t been around that much, and I’ve not always been the best in checking my language, even as a PWD myself… (Crap, outed myself without the long post I’ve been meaning to write for months.  I blame the fact that I’m feeling poorly today.)

But I’m also reading Full Frontal Feminism because I didn’t read it at the time of release, and I could get it through the university library, and let’s just say I can see where the environment of major issues comes from over at Feministing.  Pablum, like feminism lite: just one calorie, not enough, and also tasting lousy when you’re used to the real thing, e.g. places where there is at least some consideration for dovetailing issues of privilege.

And now the massive apologia clusterfuck in comments here has disgusted the shit out of me.  I just give up on there as a whole, even for reference (I’d been avoiding them due to trans* issues anyhow).  Jezebel’s almost more worthy of my time.


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