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Through the grapevine, I wanted to contribute my post of a very happy 80th birthday to Ursula K LeGuin, wicked important SFF writer and commentator, as well as inventor of the handy ansible!  Your books are truly inspiring and life-changing, and I wish you many happy returns. If you haven’t picked up a book by […]

Right–in case you’re tired of waiting around for me to make a post on here (and I’m not abandoning this blog, mind), you can get Bene quick hits at my Dreamwidth account. Feel free to subscribe.

Co-signed. Yes, I’m emerging from the metaphorical woodwork.  I was slightly reticent to do so, as I haven’t been around that much, and I’ve not always been the best in checking my language, even as a PWD myself… (Crap, outed myself without the long post I’ve been meaning to write for months.  I blame the fact […]