Note To Self: Memory Improvement


Now that my anger (including basically being told en masse to sit down and shut up, admittedly in an eloquent way) has burned down to simmering rage, I have a couple of things to ponder intelligently:

oyceter asks what those who were silent are going to do, what SF fandom will do to welcome oppressed groups; while I wasn’t entirely silent, I think it behooves me to hash this out and ponder it in a real world context, not just pie-in-the-sky bs.

– why I remain doubly pseudonymous and what I feel that accomplishes.  You all deserve to know, I suppose, not like it’s anything exciting.

– and not on the Racefail topic at all, I should probably talk about Watchmen, should probably watch last week’s Dollhouse, should review the concept of realistically portrayed bisexual characters (just finished Ellen Kushner’s Privilege of the Sword, fab), should should should.

So that’s forthcoming, when it’s not late at night.  Stay tuned.


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