An Addendum ’cause I don’t know when to stfu.


And on the same topic as the last: I went to Smith, on generous grants from an endowment sponsored by donations big and small and investments both ethically sound and dubious.  My father is a manual laborer, and my mother teaches in a public school.  Yes, I am white.  Yes, I grew up lower-middle-class and went to a good public school and then a good college.  I had opportunities and I am privileged.

But anyone who assumes:
– that class is purely related to what school you attend
– that one can’t be a POC or an ally or a fan who just thinks this is shit if one has had said opportunities…

Well, fuck, there ain’t no hope for you.

(Private to Kathryn Cramer: one of those ISPs was mine.  Bog standard Time Warner Cable from Milwaukee.  Just thought I’d save you the time and effort.)


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