and Bene shows her hand


I don’t usually say things like this.  Mostly because I don’t find it productive.  But wow, hearing about what just happened to Micole as part of Racefail?  That sort of broke me.

The ‘progressive’ SF establishment?  You can all kindly go fuck off and die.  Right now.  You fucking elitist self-aggrandizing asswipes.

How dare you claim to be adults and allies and people who try to expose the truth about society when you play elitist Rovian mindgames with anyone who disagrees?  How dare you claim to look towards the future when you can’t cope with the wave of the present?


I reserve the right to shame your sorry asses.


One Response to “and Bene shows her hand”

  1. 1 QoT

    Fucking hell, that’s awful!

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