Something Shy of a Manifesto


In lieu of a better post explaining this, as I need to restart…I’ve found these two thoughts come close to explaining how I feel about my engagement with rights issues and why I can’t subscribe to a single line of exclusionary rhetoric.

Samuel R. Delany, as quoted by L. Timmel Duchamp

Though I am black and gay, I am as much a racist, a sexist, an anti-Semite and a homophobe as any right-wing Christian bigot: I must be; it’s desperately important that I be; if I am ever to be able to talk to such people and effect some change in their beliefs and behavior, I have to be…I will never be able to effect any meaningful change other than one or another form of terrorism by fooling myself into thinking I can do anything by “standing outside” some hegemony.

mzbitca, we are not your tools with which to fight the patriarchy

At this point in time, especially if you are involved in any type of activism, you have heard and internalized the phrase “the person is political.”  I think it is important to know and internalize but I also think, much like the “master’s tools” speech, it is used and abused by those who have decided their interpretation is right and be damned what it actually meant…
These objectors argue that you cannot engage in sex work in a positive, feminist way, if you are operating in a system that is based on the male gaze and objectification of women.  Some even go as far as saying what type of sex you like or porn you watch is selling out to “the man”.  In other words, recognize the person is political and follow our strict rules about how you should interact with the patriarchy.

I think that says it better than I ever could.


2 Responses to “Something Shy of a Manifesto”

  1. 1 mzbitca

    Thanks for the link. I was so afraid that post made no sense and was just me rambling. Luckily there are other people out there that get my thought process!

  2. It makes quite a bit of sense to me, in terms of me figuring out what the hell I mean about things!

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