everybody lies in the dominant paradigm


Dear Lawrence Kaplow,

Having all of your female characters engage in distinctly stereotypical feminine behavior in one episode does not good television make. I know that was you and not David Shore, ’cause I’m looking at the list of episodes you’ve written, and there really does seem to be a common theme in the last several ones.

Kindly do not do this again or I will fucking kick you in the face.

No love,
Bene, an avid House fan

(Spoilers for 5×13 ‘Big Baby’ behind the cut.  My apologies to anyone reading on a feed.)

To delineate my point, Chase was the only person in this episode that I actually liked, and he was in it for about two minutes to tell Foreman not to be an idiot and eat fries with a fork.

Let’s break it down:

– Sarah the patient: A teacher for kids with special needs, she has infinite patience and love but must now face up to the fact that that’s a result of her illness affecting her brain.  Wait, where have we heard ‘her illness affected her personality and now she must learn to be a different person’ before on this show?  About ten episodes ago in another Kaplan rag, 5×02’s ‘Not Cancer’.  But never fear, she can still cope with her favorite student’s motor skills problems even when they make life difficult.

– Cuddy: Wow, Cuddy cannot cope with motherhood until she has a sudden A-HA bonding moment with little Rachel, and then everything is sunshine and puppies and rainbows, including spitting up on House, which is just ADORABLE or something.

– Cameron: She tells Cuddy that she can’t do her job even as a temporary stand-in.  Why?  Because she ‘will always say yes to House’ and everyone else would always tell him ‘no’.  Which sucks because earlier in the ep we think she has finally grown a backbone.

– Thirteen: the worst offender in this ep, Thirteen is completely dizzy in heteronormative lurve with Foreman and then, while investigating Sarah’s classroom, drops the ‘I totally want children now because I feel so good’ bomb on him.  Foreman reacts with the same disbelief we have…and some trepidation thanks to the subplot involving the drug trial…long story.

Fortunately, the preview for next week reveals that Thirteen could very well have a brain tumor on top of the Huntington’s!  Is it wrong of me that I hope her behavior is entirely reversed because of a personality change made by the brain tumor?

Yep, it’s nesting time.


5 Responses to “everybody lies in the dominant paradigm”

  1. Ugh! Groan! What the hell have I missed!

    Good to know this isn’t David Shore directly (and isn’t Bryan Singer involved in this show too?).

    If someone hadn’t followed the link to my blog, I wouldn’t have found this! It’s full of rocketsauce! Great blog!

  2. Ouyang, you’ve missed…well, either a lot or not a lot at all. A lot of written hormonal stereotypes, imho. And healing heterosexuality (though I suppose they get points for a racially diverse couple).

    Thanks for the compliment!

  3. Why do all of my favorite women keep getting written into stereotype corners?


  4. This is why we can’t have nice things.

    Though tbh, I shouldn’t completely excuse David Shore, as the producers do vet all of the scripts and storyline. And Bryan Singer, much as I love his stuff, is in on it too.

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