rhyme and reason


A few bits and pieces that haven’t become their own posts.

A word on the Eleventh Doctor: Much as I remain ambivalent about Matt Smith, I am not best pleased by the fact that we have a young not-particularly-masculine white guy in the role, round three.  I expected a little more diversity from Moffat; I’m not someone who really seriously thinks girl!Doctor is plausible, but I was really pulling for Patterson Joseph.  (Not as much Chiwetel Ejiofor, who will forever be the Operative in my mind…)  But no, we have Fall Out Boy Doctor, straight to the pages of Heat magazine.
That said, again, I am leaving my judgment on Smith himself open for now, which for my massive Tennant fangirling, is a big step for me.  But if you too would like to donate to the Give Matt Smith Eyebrows fund, lemme know.

Talk about the Star Trek film has been quiet, but I did get spoiled for the plot, and all I can say is ‘why’. And JJ Abrams will throw entirely too many little details into it that I will surely miss, and…not looking forward to this much.

More talk has Shia LaBoeuf as a possible Yorick Brown in the Y: The Last Man films, which I just cannot see.  LaBoeuf ‘s attitude is just too damn cool to be Yorick, who is anything but badass, and he’s just way too young.  I got nothin’.

That’s the theme of this post, I guess.  So many things that could have been done and we end up with this.


2 Responses to “rhyme and reason”

  1. Chiwetel Ejiofor as the Doctor… Now, that’s something I’d buy on DVD! But that’s me probably objectifying a rather stunningly wonderful actor, who also happens to be gorgeous. He’d be fabulous in the role though… *sigh* In all honesty, I barely watched the new Dr. Who, partly because I didn’t have access to a tv and when I did, I was out the habit. And something about the new incarnation under RTD felt off to me. Like it wasn’t so much sci-fi, more that it was like any other series but set in a sci-fi background. Does that make sense? And a bit less sophistocated than previous series. That said, my favourite Doctor is still Sylvester McCoy and as I said, I barely watched the new stuff.

    But yes, Matt Smith needs eyebrows. The tiny photo of him on a wikipedia page, with tiny photos of all the other Doctors made him look skeletal.

    Regarding the Trek movie, I’ve maintained deliberate ignorance about it. Last I heard was wossisname being cast as Scotty. Part of me can’t help but feel that going back to TOS is mirroring the desire in some folks for society to take a step back to the *ahem* good old days. But I’ll go and see it; I went to see Generations and Insurrection several times each, and then I’ll see what I think.

    Anyway. The thing I always liked about sci-fi was the presentation of other possibilities, it’s so disappointing that so many things aren’t pushing the boundaries anymore.

  2. Depresso–I can see what you mean about it feeling off. Sometimes I have to agree that New Who doesn’t seem quite like a sci-fi show, but I have to confess I have the same feelings about Firefly, which I also like. I don’t know. Maybe it’s the fact that neither are completely esoteric, that there’s that broad multi-genre appeal. RTD’s episodes are definitely the best examples of that, as in my mind the man cannot write a plausible SF ending to save his immortal soul. He gets the Doctor and Companion(s) into a shitload of trouble, so much so that it’s amazing and gets your hopes up, and then fixes everything with a DEM…

    But I enjoy it anyway. Weirdly.

    Anyway, you’re quite spot on also on the rest of it all. I’ll probably end up paying to see Trek unless it gets universally panned, mostly for the pretty. Which is sad.

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