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Dear Lawrence Kaplow, Having all of your female characters engage in distinctly stereotypical feminine behavior in one episode does not good television make. I know that was you and not David Shore, ’cause I’m looking at the list of episodes you’ve written, and there really does seem to be a common theme in the last […]

Tammy Oler, over at Bitch’s Love/Shove blog, found something related to the new Trek movie that hadn’t even crossed my mind–apparently Mattel’s doing Kirk, Spock, and Uhura Barbie/Ken dolls as part of the marketing. Usually, I’d be complaining about commercialization and the body image issues (both in terms of size and in terms of race) […]

Because I really just don’t know where to start with the massive clusterfuck that is this year’s cultural appropriation SFF community ‘discussion’…rydra_wong on LJ’s been making linkdumps. Basically, I don’t know at this point if I have anything useful to add that hasn’t been said by people who are better at it than me and […]

A few bits and pieces that haven’t become their own posts. A word on the Eleventh Doctor: Much as I remain ambivalent about Matt Smith, I am not best pleased by the fact that we have a young not-particularly-masculine white guy in the role, round three.  I expected a little more diversity from Moffat; I’m not […]

My apologies for not blogging lately–the holiday season and the end of the year, between work and family and maintaining some sort of sanity, sort of chewed up my initiative to write.  That, and the fact that Mr Bene bought me a Nintendo DS for Christmas, which also consumed a lot of time and brainpower. […]