Stop the Hollywood Boat, I Want to Get Off


In case you thought I was being too hasty with my judgment about Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight work a couple of weeks ago, it seems that my guess was dead on, according to this story from Nikki Finke (via Jezebel).  Apparently production company Summit is confirming in not so many words (uh, ‘artistic differences’) what an insider told Finke earlier–that Hardwicke was ‘irrational’ and ‘difficult’.  As one of the few worthwhile comments at the Jezebel post said, male directors aren’t called irrational and difficult as an excuse to get canned, especially when they just made a lot of money.  Artistic differences…have to be quite substantial to toss a successful director off a franchise.

So here’s the rundown: basically, Hardwicke’s made Summit $100 million, but they’re throwing her under the bus.  It doesn’t matter if Twilight is good, it doesn’t matter if it’s well-written, it doesn’t matter if she made it pretty or the DP did (my bet’s on both, considering Hardwicke’s color and design chops).  She made them a lot of money on a limited budget, but she wasn’t easy to deal with and so she has to go, unceremoniously.

My guess?  Summit’s figured out they can’t shoehorn a decent director into the load of wack shit that is whatever they have for New Moon, which apparently they’re moving up the schedule anyway, like a bunch of opportunistic jackals.  When you have the male lead complaining about the sheer weird value in media interviews, you know Hardwicke’s ‘artistic differences’ probably had a lot to do with making Twilight the film considerably less fucked up than the book.

Which is the last thing Summit wants, going ahead, because the fucked up has sold millions of copies.  I could argue that they’re basically aiming to deliberately exploit young women’s vulnerabilities even further than Hardwicke et al let them, but that’d be going too far.

Would it?

Best wishes to Hardwicke–I’m sure she’ll land on her feet.  And if Kathryn Bigelow, Near Dark and Point Break‘s Kathryn Bigelow, who appeared in Born in Flames ffs, picks up New Moon, I will truly weep.

Seriously.  Fuck this noise.


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