In brief followup to the last post:


Saw Twilight.  Did not pay to see it.  You shouldn’t either.

Yes, it is as bad as everything you’ve heard.  If I think about what sorts of messages it sends and how many young women are buying into it, it seriously makes me want to cry.


4 Responses to “In brief followup to the last post:”

  1. 1 geekgirlsrule

    A friend of mine is going to give me the first two books. She says they’re awful, but I need to read this with my own eyes. I’ll probably pick up the second Esslemont Malazan book to wash the taste of them out of my brain afterwards.

  2. I haven’t read the books, which I think is probably why I’m so negative. I find it a lot easier to ignore political stuff when it’s in words, to kind of tune it out. I swear I went in trying to see some good, and I just couldn’t.

  3. 3 Torri

    I found an article that talked about bits in the movie that were/were not in the books… it’s one of those cases where the movie is better then the book. In fact it’s all nicely summed up in this slide show
    e.g. “There are jokes! Like, people tell jokes! Instead of just glumly or romantically talking about things! Bella and Edward even tell jokes to each other!”

    “In general, we’re just so relieved that the movie did away with most of the 1,000 scenes in which basically this exact thing happens:

    Bella: Don’t go!
    Edward: I should go, but I can’t.
    Bella: I am happy!
    Edward: You’re an idiot for being happy.
    Bella: You are still totally gorgeous OMG OMG.”

  4. Wicked, thanks, Torri! I’ll have to poke at that article when I get a moment. It are so much fact.

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