waiting for the fallout


Yay for Obama/Biden, Kay Hagan, and the voters in CO and SD!  Everyone else has talked about it so I’ll pass and say just go look at all the other lefty blogs.

Boo to the morons on the stock exchanges, and to the fact that you can see where people with money live in Wisconsin by looking for the red counties on this map, proving that yes, it really is the economy, stupid.

A major hiss to the asswipes who funneled out of state money and blatant lies into California.  The sheer fuckheadery of the whole thing is perhaps best discussed in this blog post by Erin Judge, which nearly made me bawl.  And I won’t lie and say I’m not angry.  Because I am. I expected California to be better than us, and I expected people to play fair, which was terribly naive.  So I am doing this:


That said, I won’t negate the good that did come out of this Tuesday.  Just remember both and we’ll be square.  When it comes to what I support and why, I’m not always in agreement with Audre Lorde about the master’s tools not dismantling the master’s house; I think that oversimplifies the world and negates a lot of good.  We’ll see what these changes reap, and any people who are suing, I totally have your back.

(And if Mr. Bene is reading this, don’t worry, the ring’s back in the right place.  Just making a point.)

ETA (11/10): To be clear, when I say ‘fair’ above, I’m not targeting any group of people in particular, save perhaps the funneling in of funds from the LDS.  The fact that people are making this into a race issue disturbs me greatly and completely misses the fucking point.


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  1. YES. Awesome.

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