Breaking the Fourth Wall


Hi, my name is Bene, and I’m a closet politica.

It’s sort of depressing, actually, the way in which I ravenously devour poll data, news stories, and pundit-flavoured bullshit.  I actually sort of thrive on the conflict, do my best thinking and have more revelations when I’ve got my arse to the fire.  Which probably says something horrible about my personality, that I’m not nearly as engaged unless there’s an emotional flame going.  That said, I tend to make more snap judgments then, like most people, and that means I tend to put my foot straight in my mouth.

I just worry that I’ll be at somewhat of a loss come Wednesday.  I hope to god I won’t be at more of a loss, considering (like the columnist in Guardian said, I’m one of those American liberals who’s too afraid to firmly bring up the idea of winning).  But my righteous fury will have to be redirected.

Not that that’s so bad.  I have a lot of things to say about SF, about the rights of women, trans* people, queer folks, and the mentally ill, as well as the rest of the disenfranchised.  It’s just been overwhelmed by the buckets of bullshit coming from the American right.  So I hope that I’ll have myself back, soon, right as rain.

I hope.


3 Responses to “Breaking the Fourth Wall”

  1. 1 fuckpoliteness

    Eek…will you be liveblogging/twittering over there tomorrow? I’m nervous…I have the ‘kid on Christmas eve’ feeling…and I get that…the not wanting to raise winning in case you’re horribly crushed if that doesn’t happen. So nervous.

  2. fp–I probably won’t be going on much until late tonight, but that’s okay as exit polls can’t be released until 5 PM now. I’m so wired.

  3. 3 fuckpoliteness

    And a belated yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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