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Saw Twilight.  Did not pay to see it.  You shouldn’t either. Yes, it is as bad as everything you’ve heard.  If I think about what sorts of messages it sends and how many young women are buying into it, it seriously makes me want to cry. Advertisements

But do they sparkle? Twilight, unsurprisingly, has become a phenomenon.  Not one that I particularly get into, being not all that keen on the vampire genre save for a passing taste for a little Sookie Stackhouse, but hey–and one whose problematic nature in a feminist sense has been documented in plenty of places (see below […]

I’m not feeling particularly well right now, but I’ve got something to say. 11/20 is the Transgender Day of Remembrance.  Because we need to remember the people who have lost their lives because of their gender identity.  Remembering means we do not let things slip by, that we commit ourselves even in the smallest of […]

There are few things I loathe more in this world than being patronized, but unfortunately it’s either been happening a lot lately or I just read it as happening a lot lately. The global reaction to the Obama win has been…frustrating.  While I know plenty of people internationally who have been following with interest and […]

Yay for Obama/Biden, Kay Hagan, and the voters in CO and SD!  Everyone else has talked about it so I’ll pass and say just go look at all the other lefty blogs. Boo to the morons on the stock exchanges, and to the fact that you can see where people with money live in Wisconsin […]

Hi, my name is Bene, and I’m a closet politica. It’s sort of depressing, actually, the way in which I ravenously devour poll data, news stories, and pundit-flavoured bullshit.  I actually sort of thrive on the conflict, do my best thinking and have more revelations when I’ve got my arse to the fire.  Which probably […]