in brief 2: stripped of her title


We’ve been having a pretty hopping conversation over at Feministe regarding a Sarah Palin stripping lookalike contest.  (please note, I’m not doing this to call people over, just to talk about things and give backstory.)  And I would like to say something.

While I loathe basically everything Palin does,
while I feel that she negatively impacts women with her actions, words, and appearance,
while I feel that she is not representative of me as an American,
while I am not voting for her ticket come hell or high water,
while I am not a radical feminist or anti-sexuality,
and while I am a big fan of poetic justice, 

I am appalled, completely appalled, at the idea that she deserves to get this kind of response.  It sets a nasty, nasty precedent for female candidates, as Alara Rogers says in the Feministe comments.  It reads as sheer apologism–that it’s okay to be a misogynist as long as it’s towards people we don’t like.  Would it be okay to be a racist towards a POC who fucked people over?  Is it okay to call Log Cabin Republicans the f word?  Apparently, it is!

And that’s not, full stop, the kind of discourse that I’m in for.  If you are, how nice for you, and you can kiss my ass.  This isn’t fighting fire with fire, this is about playing shitty instead of dirty.

And if you’re the jerk who used my handle in that post without being me, fuck off.


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