In Brief


– It’s sad that I totally thought of CJ Cherryh when I read the latest xkcd, isn’t it?  I mean, I tried so hard with her, I read Cyteen and I really did like Chanur, but ffs.  While I understand that human language is made for and only describes humans, most writers don’t throw this stuff in to make a statement.  Even so, if I need a glossary to follow your book, you better have a good story to go with.

Submissions are underway for the 22nd Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction, with a theme of ‘Space Westerns’.  Go forth, scour the web!  Bring them your posts!  Or write something new.  I might have to scare up something about Star Trek: TNG again.

– MSM coverage of the Dayton mosque incident can be found here.  Regardless of what happened, it does concern me.

– I may be liveblogging tomorrow’s debate, depending on how I feel.  Stay tuned.


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