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We’ve been having a pretty hopping conversation over at Feministe regarding a Sarah Palin stripping lookalike contest.  (please note, I’m not doing this to call people over, just to talk about things and give backstory.)  And I would like to say something. While I loathe basically everything Palin does, while I feel that she negatively […]

I was particularly discomfited by the whole Ashley Todd attack hoax this week, but it took catching this post linked on Rachel Maddow’s Twitter that really helped me figure out exactly why I was bothered. For those not playing along at home, Ashley Todd is a 20 year old McCain supporter from Texas, working in […]

Due Warning


I’m slated to read Watchmen this week, and I’ve been told I’m going to have a shitfit.  So there may be a shitfit ensuing.  Eventually. If I can be arsed. Anyone read it?

The most appalling thing I heard last night, without a doubt, had nothing to do with the economy.  It had nothing to do with foreign relations.  It didn’t even have to do with Joe the fucking plumber.  Nope, it had to do with the Supreme Court. I would consider anyone in their qualifications. I do […]

Hi all–just letting you know that I’ll be livetwitting tonight, as well as following along over at Feministe if I can get things to work.  You should stop by. And regarding my last post…I was worried initially that I was overreacting, but the fact that I’m still furious two days out might say something.

Stepping away from politics: well, shit, io9 has done it again with the massive fail.  Having gone to find Annalee Newitz’s list of economic downfall SF as per a link on Aqueduct Press’ blog, I had to shuffle through a bunch of other stuff first in Google Reader. If anyone ever asks Bene, you’re such a […]

Screening Calls


With thx to my Twitter friends–I can’t remember who shared this, and that is fail–Yes We Can (hold babies).  Which is what it says on the tin, Barack Obama (and occasionally Joe Biden and Michelle Obama) holding babies and/or posing with children.  I am told this is a primarily American custom, is that true?  I […]