Politica, part 2


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Afghanistan.  Obama says fuck yes we need more troops there.  He’s always been for it.  I’d like to see McCain respond.  Which I will.  In two minutes.

Just showed the decor of the hall.  wtf big honking eagle of doooom.  Way to go, Mississippi!  I wonder if John Grisham is there.

McCain admits that he made a mistake that led to the Taliban.  Oops.  That’s pretty problematic.  But not mess with Pakistan.  oookay.  He basically has said that if you’re gonna do military stuff in Pakistan, don’t say it aloud!

Why are ‘The Terrorists’ apparently a cohesive group?

Obama says he didn’t say that.  And then he’s like O HAI YOU ARE A LOUDMOUTH FAIL WITH TALKING.  The audience laughs a little.  And then is like ‘well, your same fail with Afghanistan happened in Pakistan.’  McCain basically tells him that he’s too young and that his record shows he would not bomb nobody for lulz.  And then he mentions Reagan and Somalia and I have a record do want.  This is quel silly.  I need a drink.  brb.

Oh god, not this wearing the bracelet.  OBAMA DID THAT STORY A LONG TIME AGO.

And I was right.  He doesn’t want to be defeated like he was in Vietnam.  God, I should go into psychology.

OBAMA HAS A BRACELET.  A Wisconsin one.  And yis we honor troops.  But are we making good judgements about these people’s lives?

And McCain is being pedantic about going to Afghanistan.  This is where Obama should mention Palin.


Even on time!  Nice!  Obama congrats Lehrer.

New topic–Iran.  This’ll be GOOD.  McCain say problems.  Baaad.  Sorta breaks Godwin’s Law.

Oooh, Obama ‘corrects’.  Wait, there was a mandate in Iraq to focus on Iran?  wts.  Nuclear Iran, Obama says we need a plan and that we need the help of China and Russia.  Which we totally can’t get with stupid throwing things.  Not talking to people is not punishment, end isolation, try diplomacy.

McCain thinks this is lulz and cannot say the name Ahmadinejad or pestroika.  Maybe that is why he doesn’t want to try diplomacy.

Obama wants preparation without preconditions, because preconditions mean you will never end up talking.  Duh.  And McCain apparently doesn’t want things that even the Bush administration is cool with?  I am so mixed up about all of this.

Okay, fine, so if someone sits down with someone who is a complete bastard with nuclear weapons, to get them to NOT BLOW ANYONE UP, it is not a tacit agreement with that second person’s statements.

I’m sure Henry Kissinger is listening anyway, Johnny.  AND PRETTY OBAMA SMILE OMG YEY.


The issue of Russia.  Brits, listen up!

Obama wants to know what the hell is up with Russia and wants us to ask.  Without pissing too many people off.  Ending nuclear proliferation.  You don’t deal with Russia by playing the Cold War game.

…McCain says Obama is naive again.  Bene is facepalming.  McCain reveals that he basically doesn’t believe in keeping his mouth shut and literally calls Putin KGB.  Fuck, this is bad.  Like, I can’t say how bad.  *takes a drink*

Obama says he agrees mostly.  But doesn’t call Putin a baby dictator and KGB mastermind.  Not so naive.  And he notes that weird shit was going on in Georgia.  He should mention that Biden met with the Georgian prez today.  Suddenly we are back to energy independence. Whiplash! 

“John, I’m sorry, that’s just not true.”

A brief mention, a hint, of the storing of nuclear energy improperly in Arizona.  Someone fact check?


Holy crap, now THAT’S a question.  ‘Are we gonna get hit with another terrorist attack?’

Is it just me, or is McCain going back on what independent analysis said earlier this month?  Complete ban on torture?  I don’t think so.  He basically has said he thinks the DHS and Bush administration have been successful.

Obama: safer in some ways, not so much in terms of others.  Good, mention ports.  Mention sneaky terrorism, not fucking idiot big terrorism.  ‘The greatest country on earth’…okay, maybe not, but I’ll let it pass.

Oh fucking Christ, not a fucking ‘he doesn’t understand’ again.  What bullshit.  Stop pretending Obama’s dumb, McCain, he’s clearly proven he isn’t that naive.  And suddenly we’re back to Iraq, what the fucking fuck.

Obama says why the fuck are we only focusing on Iraq, why is this our only issue?  Uh, who’s better at international relations again?  Iraq is a national security issue.  Oooh, get in the veteran issue, good job!

By the way, you can get fact checking here.

Winding down.  Wait.  Did he just compare Obama to Bush?  Obama thinks this is funny.  MCCAIN now says he wants flexibility.  My mother is laughing at McCain saying he loves the veterans and that is his job.

Obama says we need to improve our image.  Which is very true.  And I am down with this.

Uh, McCain–being a POW probably shouldn’t be called ‘prison’.

Annnnnd there we are.  I need another drink.


I miss Tim Russert.  Not that I don’t like NBC commentary now.  ‘Very divergent visions of the world’ is pretty accurate…

More on commentary to come.  I need to take a break from typing.  But hey, Quantum of Solace ad!  I wonder how much they had to pay.


Joe Biden live from near me…not sure where he is, maybe the Milwaukee Obama office.  And now you know a sekrit.

Biden’s all supportive, of course and then rips.  ‘John’s judgement has been dead wrong on Iraq.’  Ouch.  And Giuliani responds to NBC in place of Palin.  Which is pretty revealing.

And then lies through his teeth and proves that he really wasn’t listening.  Probably like I wasn’t listening to McCain, but I’m not on national TV.

So many problems to fix.  So many.

Oh, and the new Will Smith film looks really good.  We shall see.  That’s me for tonight, I’ll see you in comments!


12 Responses to “Politica, part 2”

  1. Heh. Its a pity midday on Saturday is not really alcohol time. Need one too.

    The problem with McCain recapping his Maverick record is: old news. Everyone knows. Everyone has already maxxed out how much respect they’re gonna have for him for it. The undecideds need more — which is why current events and their reactions will decide things.

  2. Spain. Hah.

  3. The CNN worm sez: McCain is bad on war. and foreign policy

    What else does he have?

  4. Uhhhh, no killing babies. Also Jesus.

  5. So happy to see Barry get the Spain mention in. Cannot believe McCain said KGB=Putin.

    And how many times more is McCain going to call Obama “naive” and say that “he doesn’t understand”?

  6. I think Obama has proven he DOES understand. Probably better than McCain.

  7. OOh, I don;t think I like that question Jim. What can you say?

  8. Real time recant. Barry did well. Biggest high to low dip in worm when McC started up after that.

  9. I’m really interested to see what the MSM here in the US has to say. They seem to be fairly ambivalent.

  10. I wish we got MSNBC here, actually. I’ll have to catch up on the vids they post later.

  11. Olbermann will have a field day, I assure you.

  12. Biden was on CNN — did very well. But, before next Thursday, he really needs to work out if “lady” or “young woman” or … something else is the term he wants to go with. 😉

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