Politica, part 1


This may be the only presidential debate I actually watch, so I guess I should make it worthwhile and blog it.  And get slowly drunker over time.  Watch this post for periodic updates.  And welcome, Hoydenizens!


Jim Lehrer is pretty awesome.  If you’re in the US and don’t watch the Newshour, you so should.  And blah blah blah the rules, no cheering…

Opening question has NOTHING TO DO WITH FOREIGN POLICY.  Lehrer said he would be asking about the economy, but I didn’t think it would be right away, zomg.

Obama’s four point plan, which you can look up.  He’s been promoting this for the last week.  And he rips Bush and McCain within the first two minutes.

wtf, Ted Kennedy is back in the hospital?  Poor man.

McCain delivers a big pile of bullshit, seeing as he’s possibly the one who got the House Republicans to walk out yesterday.  Don’t give me this good ol’ boy stuff.

I love Jim Lehrer.  He wants straight talk.  He wants a conversation.  McCain says he will vote for the plan…in blowing off Lehrer.  Ouch.  ‘Sure, but…’

Obama calls for responsibility outside of crisis.  Lehrer has to make them talk TO each other.  Lulz.

Shit, these are all generalities.  I want plans.  I want McCain to say something of bleeding substance.


The people want to know if there are differences between McCain and Obama’s plans.  McCain insists this is due to spending.  Uses a tag line.  I want Obama to call him out about earmarking, considering Palin.

Oh, and bears in Montana aren’t important.  ‘I’ve got a pen…’

Obama responds, notes that he suspended requests for earmarking in IL until the issue was fixed.  Then points out the tax plan that is far worse than any of his pork barrel.  Fix the economy from the bottom up.

Ooh, first direct attack!  McCain, this would be better for you if it was addressing Obama’s point a little better.  And Obama is like, bitch plz.  THIS is what I’m doing with my earmarks and I agree to pay for it.  And it’s important, so stfu with your focus on this when you aren’t answering comments on taxes.

McCain wants tax cuts…to purchase healthcare.  Obama doesn’t buy this shit and he is PISSED.  Straight talk.

Oooh, taxing health benefits.  That’s a blow.  My mother is also pissed.

And McCain doesn’t answer the issue of taxing health benefits.  Which means it is true.

There is blood.  McCain is smirking.  Obama is ripping back.


Lehrer pulls them off each other to discuss the rescue plan.  Obama admits he can’t do everything, but what he thinks absolutely must.  Look it up if you need the specifics, I’m lazy.

McCain keeps coming back to spending.  Is that his only attack talking point?  He says Obama is too far left to reach across the aisle.  Obama laughs.

Lehrer thinks there aren’t enough changes in either plan.  Obama says ‘change the culture’, that his liberalness is opposing Bush’s ‘wrongheaded policies’.  lulz.  Google for Government?  Iiiinteresting.  Lehrer still wants to know what the hell either is going to do.


First mention of Iraq: 33 minutes in.  As is first mention of terrorists.

Obama: priorities, and then suddenly O HAI IS TAX CUTS AGAIN.

McCain brings up healthcare again.  Spending spending spending.  Let’s see if Obama mentions the taxation.  He should.  Or Palin.

(Following Pesky, by the way, might also be worth your while.)

Obama wants to know what the shit McCain was doing approving Bush’s budgets.  McCain is all like well, I didn’t agree with him on…uh…things.  And first mention of Palin.

First mention of Vietnam.  Let’s see if my suspicions about MC are correct–that he feels like Vietnam was so unacceptable and takes it so personally that he can’t bear to get out of Iraq if it’s not perfect.

…yeah, I was right.  Except he thinks it IS working.  What planet he is on, I do not know.  I saw a stat that said US military donated 6 times as much to Obama’s campaign than McCain’s…don’t have a source though.

Obama reminds us that he is sick of this stupidass war and that we didn’t do shit in Afghanistan and why are we in Iraq anyway?  And ties him to Bush.  ‘Use our military wisely.’

JMC rips BHO for not showing up in Iraq and supporting the surge.  Obama says the surge was made to fix a greater problem.  McCain is miffed, and Obama says he was wrong about XYZ about Iraq.  Apparently there is a difference between a tactic and a strategy.  Who knew.  And now we have a sob story.  No offense to any military readers, but what the shit.

We are not winning anything, McCain.  A tactic is not a strategy and improvement is not winning.

Obama is like, uh, dude.  We gotta talk, because this needs to be addressed.  And Lehrer lets him.  Ouch.  ‘End this war responsibly.’  ‘Capture and kill Bin Laden’?  Ouch.

More blood.

continuing in a new post…


10 Responses to “Politica, part 1”

  1. McCain is trying to play fluffy uncle and make Obama look mean and scary for sticking to the point.

  2. 2 Beppie

    Damnit, I should have just stayed home today and watched the debate instead of trying to study. It’s not like I can concentrate anyway. 😛

    Tigtog– do you think McCain’s tactic there will work on undecided voters?

  3. I suspect anyone who is still undecided at this point is not that likely to fall for it. The still-undecided aren’t that keen on the stereotypes, or partisan ideologies, or personality stuff – they’re mainly issues voters on the not-obvious issues.

  4. I agree, tigtog. I don’t know if this’ll be effective right now, though, because people want the problem solved.

  5. FWIW, the “independents” response ticker on CNN is more positive to BO’s statements than McCain’s. Its a sideshow BUT it does help shape the media narrative post-debate — who spoke to Main St better — so its important in that sense.

  6. 6 Beppie

    There is blood. McCain is smirking. Obama is ripping back.

    Now I have this image of them both growing fangs and claws… 😛

    (Loving this commentary, btw.)

  7. Thanks, Amanda. I figured it’d be slanted, but it might hearten me a bit.

    Beppie, thanks! I haven’t even had a drink yet…

  8. Poor Maverick. Can’t even get a worm bounce from criticising giving money to the terrorists. Barry hit the spending freeze buisness very well.

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