containing a fairly non-coherent ramble about studip tv


Ugh, I have run out of rants at the moment.  Mostly I’m just inspired to tell you about all the things in fandom I don’t care about, because I have a migraine and I’m being misanthropic.  Which means I will not be making friends and influencing people with this post.

– Stargate anything but the goddamn movie.  This is what happens when you give people syndication and free rein: a bunch of massively contrived plot arcs, alien species I don’t care about, and wasted special effects.  The only thing that redeems this is Claudia Black.

– Heroes.  See again ‘massively contrived plot arcs’ and ‘blew our load at the end of S1’.

– LOST.  See yet again ‘massively contrived plot arcs’.

Okay, okay…clearly it’s becoming obvious that I don’t like shows with long, nuanced, and detailed plots (as you may have guessed from the comments on the Whedon thread).  Whether that’s me having a crap attention span or just being a bitch remains to be determined, but this is why I like CSI, new Doctor Who, and House: they have a background story that’s forming a framework, with all the singular stories making the narrative come together.

Truth is–and here we get into the stuff we used to go on about in film class in college–auteurship and having A Vision are pretty damn difficult for mainstream filmmakers these days.  A director can have a certain signature, and things can be ‘a blankety-blank film’, but it’s not as pervasive as, say, a Hitchcock film or a Kubrick film, because the director’s artistic control is really fairly limited.

In today’s episodic, long-running television, it is basically impossible to be an auteur, because there are so many writers and editors and producers and network execs with their fingers in the pie.  You’ll either look like a boring ass, a pedantic fuck, or a control freak, take your pick.  You end up becoming an Executive Producer or you start telling the stories and plot twists that only you want to hear.

Which is not to say that I’m only talking about JJ Abrams or Joss Whedon.  Russell T Davies did the same thing.  But at least he didn’t lose me with subtleties…god, I fucking hate that.

Okay, okay, maybe I’m pulling a bunch of this out of my ass to justify my dislike of A, B, and C.  But at the same time, it’s also me being dissatisfied with the fact that a bunch of white guys what think they have a story everyone wants to hear get to tell that story and we all gobble it up.  Where’s the sharing of wealth?  Where’s the mandatory Bechdel tests?  Why is Dollhouse sounding like something that came from Heinlein’s wet dreams?

Why do I keep giving a fuck about things that make me so upset?

Show me an active big-name female SF/thriller TV producer who created her own universe and didn’t just play in someone else’s.  Find me one.  Just one.


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