Legal Fictions


Well, the latest out of fandom is the JK Rowling versus HP Lexicon suit, which (while I do enjoy me a little Harry Potter) interests me not at all, except for what might affect fanfic.

Yes, I write and read fanfic, and while it is of dubious legality, it’s one of those things that don’t overly bother me.  I reserve the right to change my mind should I ever become an author or film/TV director, but right now, I believe I’d be flattered.  I wouldn’t care to read it, necessarily, but considering it, I’m unbothered.

Anyway, I’ve heard all the arguments about fanfic being either a subversive act or a tool of the system or sticking it to The Man as regards capitalism, and to be honest, I don’t care about that either.  I really don’t.  I can tell you that I write it because it’s fun, and because Russell T. and Brannon and Gore and Bryan and even–insert eyeroll here–The Almighty Joss haven’t told me enough of the story, or I want to hear a different side, or I want to explore a different version of events.  (I mean, come on, SF fan here, alternate universes are my bread and butter.)

Huh, those are all men.  Is it any wonder I’m not best satisfied with the outcomes?  Or women on the side?

Maybe that’s subversive.  But no one ever said you had to be intentionally subversive to be a feminist…just that you need to look for what you want and what you need.

And if what I need is the Doctor and Jack having a menage á trois with Martha at the helm, in a room at Princeton Plainsboro because the TARDIS has been taken over by Romulan dissidents, I am totally down with that.

Now m/m slash, my jury is still out on what that means, or why I’m somewhat disturbed at the amount of straight women who write it (and poorly…it should be a requirement that you’ve had anal sex at least once before you write it explicitly).  I salute their right to do so, and it doesn’t exactly co-opt gayness, because to say it does would imply that being queer is a singular cohesive identity.

Non-con and chan…and hurt-comfort…that gets dicey, though.  I respect everyone’s right to write what they like, but everyone should recognize the reality first, realize that their actions could hurt someone, and not mistake fanfic for any semblance of reality or even canon.  Acknowledge, problems, privilege, and objectification before you write.

Then, by all means, go ahead and write.  Just think first.

Now, I want that OT3 fic.  Rawr.


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