In the Interest of Rational Discourse:


In follow up to my post of the other day regarding non-gender talking points and Sarah Palin, I really really like this post by Jill at Feministe, ‘Fighting Sexism with Sexism’.

She says it better than I do, and my words are blown for tonight anyway.  I have more to say about my inability to classify myself as sex-pos or radfem, but it’s Friday night and I am exhausted.

Also, there’s a new page (see up top) regarding comment policy and my own privilege.

So, um, tell me something about fandom that I should be outraged about?  Things have been quietish since Comic Con.


3 Responses to “In the Interest of Rational Discourse:”

  1. well, it’s not specifically fandom, but (speaking from experience unfortunately) hacker cons tend to be worse than the sf/fantasy con’s I’ve been too. I’ve pretty much made myself persona non-grata with the current leadership of the local, so I’m hoping to get the discussion started elsewhere.

  2. Ack, polerin. For calling out on bullshit, or for other reasons you’d rather not delineate?

    I’ve not been to a hacker con, meself.

  3. Mostly for being on the loosing side (the middle) of a personal matter. I was director of AV for several years, but things happened. 😛
    Beyond that, I transitioned, and have lost even more social power due to that. Regardless, the culture is very unfriendly to women, most of which have to work triple time to not be considered “con whores” suitable only for objectification. Not that you will get away without being objectified, but they may actually let you say something.

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