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RIght, so I was going to whine a lot about the complete fail that is the US Congress (and that does in fact include the Speaker of the House, much as I hate to admit it).  But something came up. Children were gassed in a mosque in Dayton, Ohio.  CHILDREN. And no one outside the local […]

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This may be the only presidential debate I actually watch, so I guess I should make it worthwhile and blog it.  And get slowly drunker over time.  Watch this post for periodic updates.  And welcome, Hoydenizens!

Ugh, I have run out of rants at the moment.  Mostly I’m just inspired to tell you about all the things in fandom I don’t care about, because I have a migraine and I’m being misanthropic.  Which means I will not be making friends and influencing people with this post. – Stargate anything but the […]

These are the sorts of things that go through my mind after two drinks and a lot of websurfing at 1 AM, and I realize this is an older issue, but I’ve never dealt with it publicly in any of my web presences, so you get to deal with it now. I could do with never hearing, […]

I totally love when other people write posts that say what I wanted to say, but better.  Admittedly, I’m also a little jealous, but still, it’s gratifying to know you’re not alone. So yeah, my frustration with the cult of Whedon is well-documented, and my frustration with those who would take the other end of […]

Talking point, courtesy of tonight’s new House.  Don’t worry, it’s not spoilery. Is feminism about being able to have everything, or about being able to try for anything?  Is deliberately becoming someone’s subordinate and being happy with that role in life a valid feminist position? I don’t really know yet.  I’ll get back to you. […]