rather have Cleese, personally


Everyone else is talking about Sarah Palin and how fucked up she is.  So I won’t bother to get all repetitive, other than to tell you that any PUMA who gets on this train doesn’t do her reading.  I’ll just send you this way:

Pesky Apostrophe
The F Word.org

Did I mention she’s being investigated for corruption?  Oops.


6 Responses to “rather have Cleese, personally”

  1. 1 Bill Nance

    I’m so glad someone else thought of that line!

  2. Yeah, as an Aussie I’d never heard of her, and not having read the news I saw a face book status along the lines of “WHAT?? PALIN??? ARGH!!!” and was mystified…what’s so wrong with him? Oh…right!

    Scary stuff! I love the whole “But she’s a WO-MAN! You should be HAP-PY!” (And simultaneously ignore it when we vote her VPILF)
    Um…sorry for the ignorance, but what is a PUMA in this context?

  3. Bill: I was actually inspired by a geeky Republican, sadly (her comment was ‘and her name is Palin, that’s awesome!’). But John Cleese is totally my fav Python.

    fp: PUMA is the latest politico slang here in the US. It means Party Unity My Ass, and it was actually self-given by those Clinton supporters who went to the McCain camp when it began to look like Obama would pull out the nom. They’re generally very rabid about it and very loud, as well as very offensively against Obama. I have no problem with anyone who decided to go Green or independent because of Obama, but the complete shift on major women’s issues that the PUMAs represent just is distasteful to me.

  4. Gaargh! Bene, I think I read on one of your links that Palin only voted against the measure introduced to take away same sex partner benifits because she was legally advised it was unconstitutional, not out of her deep and abiding respect for same sex relationships. Don’t suppose you happen to remember where that was off the top of your head?

  5. I don’t really know that one, fp, but I’ve seen it all over the place. Hold on…

    Two reliable sources:
    Anchorage Daily News
    Media Matters

  6. 6 fuckpoliteness

    Oh thanks so much! I was in the middle of writing my post on Miranda Devine’s idiocy so I was a bit crosseyed trying to remember what was where. I found it over at Fetch Me My Axe…hehe. Reliable source from my perspective, wonder what Ms Devine would have to say!

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