Somebody Else’s Content


Let’s face it, everyone likes to be liked, and it’s pretty awesome to get linked when you have a fairly new blog going here.  And I am nothing if not a fangirl.  So, many thanks to lauredhel for pointing me out!  And many thanks (and a bit of shock) at being pull-quoted in a BlogHer editorial post today by no_i_am_zoe.  Though maybe I shouldn’t have said ‘shit’…

Nah, OSC deserves a little attitude problem thrown at him.

Anyway, since I’m not exceedingly riled at the moment, you get a linkpost, which is unfortunately not about the love and solidarity in my first paragraph.  No, it is about grudgefuck OTPs of WTF:

John McCain hates gamers.  Gamers hate back, with much lulz.
– Gamers, it seems, hate women.  Or at least these do.
China hates Tibet and no one is surprised.
– Wil Wheaton hates this picture, but it sure is damn hilarious.
South Dakota hates women’s repro rights and no one is surprised. 

Oh, and here’s a link that is not angry, but the best meta-analysis of Wall-E ever.

Anyway, lemme know if there’s something that should be called to my attention.  Like Zoe Saldana (thx to Heroine Content)  I mean, if anything sums up my Star Trek post in a nutshell, that would be it.


One Response to “Somebody Else’s Content”

  1. Wil Wheaton once left me a comment on a blog I used to have. True story. I printed it out and carried it around with me in my purse for a year.


    Him, that is. Not me.

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