Too far from Denver…


On the Hugo winners, in brief.

Much as I love Steven Moffat, and much as I recognize the massive shitload of problematicness therein, Human Nature/Family of Blood was just better than Blink, and the Hugo committee needs a priority check.

As they do for choosing bleeding Chabon over the rest of the pack.  Halting State and Rollback are pretty damn good, and you could make a very good case for the idea that TPTB are really trying their damnedest to mainstream SF and make it palatable to the naysayers.

But anyway.  At least Bear and Willis got recognized, and John Scalzi even if it wasn’t for his novel.  I highly recommend Tideline, at any rate.


One Response to “Too far from Denver…”

  1. 1 David Cake

    The Hugo committee administers a popular vote. There is some committee fiddling about with eligibility and such that goes on besides the vote itself, but both Blink and Human Nature/Family of Blood are good quality episodes that aren’t out of place on the ballot, so the committees priorities don’t seem that out of order. You could argue that the public voted for the wrong thing, but overall, the Hugo voters don’t seem that far off. Maybe they just weighted that massive shitload of problematicness a little more than you did, and that gave Blink the edge — both are certainly good, and I really think it is a matter of taste, and you can make a solid argument for both. If more people disagree with you, it doesn’t mean you are wrong, but it does mean you’ll lose the popular vote, and the Hugos are a popular vote.

    (sorry to come on a little cranky on my first comment – I just got referred to your blog today, it looks good, I am very interested in and involved in feminist fannish discussion.

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