This Girl Is Taking Names


I’m beginning to seriously think that I need to keep a Shit List, because there have been entirely too many people this past week that have Pissed Me Off But Good, and I’m certain that this will be a continuing trend.  I mean, there are some obvious people, like the entire Bush administration.  And Orson Scott Card and JJ Abrams, mentioned the other day.

But we’ve got two new people in the last couple of days who go beyond Shit List to Fuck Off Asshole List.  (Please be warned that any links may contain disturbing material, though I’m not directly linking to these asswipes.)

William Sanders, publisher of Helix magazine.  What the shit.  Let’s play goddamn Bigot Bingo and see how many different groups of people we can be hateful to!  I count religious faith, race, gender, and possibly sexual orientation.  One more and he gets a prize!

Kyle Payne, ‘feminist ally’ and sex offender.  Apparently he can’t seem to take agency for his assault of an unconscious intoxicated woman in his care as an RA, and wants the feminist blogosphere to back off on their ‘smear campaign’ of him.  Well, golly gee whiz.  I’m sorry, but my forgiveness doesn’t reach that far, and ‘forgive them for they know not what they do’ doesn’t exactly qualify here.

OMG, rly?  He did it and then couldn’t believe he’d done it, and was stunned and appalled?!  Never mind that any man who wasn’t fucked up in the head wouldn’t do this kind of shit in the first place, feminist ally or regular joe or what have you.  It’s just WRONG, and no amount of disassociation will buy Payne out of this one.  He can not only kiss his alleged feminist street cred goodbye, but also his life, ’cause he best have to register as an offender everywhere he bloody goes.



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