Like Mick Jagger, in a way.


Sorry about the delay, friends.  RL things have been all consuming of late, so blogging’s been kept to a low around Camp Bene.  Unlike apparently everyone else ever, I did NOT watch Dr. Horrible, and I don’t particularly care about it or about stereotyping women or whatever, because it is Joss ‘I Swear I Really Am Edgy And Feminist’ Whedon basically swiping Soon I Will Be Invincible. Once more, with feeling!

Today there’s two big things in the blogosphere to blather about: Orson Scott Card finally completely loses his shit about teh gayz (commentary at FSF and Feministe), and Charlie Stross announces that he’s going to deliberately make sure all his forthcoming work passes The Rule (aka the Bechdel Test).

The former’s been spoken about at length by people who can say more than I can, and while I may not agree with every last word, the gist is the same.  That, and I’m not surprised this happened, considering he’s been working towards it for so long.  I am going to actively not buy OSC from now on; I haven’t read anything of his since…shit, it was fairly recent and it was urban fantasy, and I’m too lazy to look it up.  I still have a certain love for Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, and Children of the Mind, and it’s not exactly easy to shake off.  That, and I honestly like a lot of other work by other SF authors who were and are in certain ways problematic, so to just go off on Card because he’s handy and has a blog would be hypocritical of me, and it would be even more hypocritical for me to say NEVER READ HIS WORK AGAIN and then still admire what he did with portraying OCD in Xenocide.

Does anyone else think of Orson when talking about Orson?


Charles Stross has grown on me lately–I liked ‘Lobsters’ and ‘Halo’, though I didn’t really get into the rest of Accelerando, and I liked ‘A Colder War’.  And then I read Halting State, which is ace because it’s about RPing and Edinburgh and regular people, and I really rather loved it.  I’ve got Saturn’s Children waiting for when I finish Wilson’s Blind Lake

What?  I read a lot.

So on the surface, this is pretty cool.  I think Stross is a good guy for doing this, and I think it’s an important thing.  I’m glad he’s made his intentions public, and I’m glad he’s solid on the idea.

But outside from Stross himself, what does this say about us, that we laud a male SF author for getting it?  That something like this has to be stated and delineated, that it’s not a given that a story will have two women in it and the women will talk about something that’s not about the guys in the plot, will not have absolutely no agency?

I think it says this is a pretty damn sorry state of affairs, in my book.  When the number one movie both here in the US and over in the UK does NOT pass, and involves the good old WIR that comics are known for, and when screenwriters are told to write about men because women only sell to women, and when Hugo numbers for women are steady despite a growing field…well, no wonder I get a little pissed off at the world.

Charlie’s done a really good thing here, and I don’t want to negate that.  But at the same time, he shouldn’t have to, or at the least there should be more SF authors and screenwriters like him.  An Initiative (just not named DHARMA), of those willing to take the same leap.  G’on, male allies.  It’s fun.

Speaking of Lost refs, I heard a rumour that JJ Abrams refused to give Paramount Star Trek footage for Comic Con at the last moment even after he’d said that he’d have some.  Pretty damn lame, JJ, not that I’m thrilled about the whole prospect of that film anyway.  Between that and Bitch magazine running an article on Trek being a creaky old boat…yeah, I just don’t know why I keep enjoying TNG.

Probably like Orson Scott Card and the Stones’ ‘Under My Thumb’, I guess.  Damn insidious bastards.


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