Big-Headed Woman


Just a quick update (life has been pretty damn crazy lately) to drop a few links on you…

Rebecca Allen responds to the McArdle post in a far more logical and productive fashion than I did.

Yonmei at FeministSF tells Russell T Davies what for in the way that I didn’t get to before things here broke loose.  (warning: DW S4 spoilers, full season)

Karnythia at ABW details what a maverick John McCain really is.  That is, not much.

Not certain if I like PhysicsProf’s guestblogging at Feministe (sorta strikes me as overcompensating), but the ‘I’m not going to make any pretenses of calling myself a male feminist’ is sort of a breath of fresh air in this latest whirlwind of KPerry shit.

Meanwhile, on the television, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is being insecure about her body image.  Another day at the office, friends.

(To the person who came here via googling ‘young black women attitude problem’, consider your own, no?)


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