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Sorry about the delay, friends.  RL things have been all consuming of late, so blogging’s been kept to a low around Camp Bene.  Unlike apparently everyone else ever, I did NOT watch Dr. Horrible, and I don’t particularly care about it or about stereotyping women or whatever, because it is Joss ‘I Swear I Really […]

Just a quick update (life has been pretty damn crazy lately) to drop a few links on you… Rebecca Allen responds to the McArdle post in a far more logical and productive fashion than I did. Yonmei at FeministSF tells Russell T Davies what for in the way that I didn’t get to before things […]

try pie, try.


Any geek who reads Feministe knows that Megan McArdle’s sorta full of shit this week, but this really takes the cake, and apparently I’m the only person out in the blogosphere who thinks so.  Way to go, y’all. How do the menfolk convince the little woman to fancy some science fiction? On the surface, the […]