lazy hazy summer: linkpost


Right, forthcoming is a long, extended rant on how I’m angry at Rusty Dee from Doctor Who, the savior of all us queers and our representation in sci-fi, if the New York Times has it right.  I just don’t have the energy right now, and there’s interesting stuff on the TV (NOVA scienceNOW tomorrow night, yay!), so here, go look at what other people have to say:

Liz Henry is in Europe!  The lucky bird.  She points out something about UK cabs that I barely noticed.  Start dismantling your ableist privilege, Bene.

– Boing Boing reminds us that it’s Alan Turing’s birthday.  I’d say that Turing’s being driven to suicide was quite possibly one of the most tragic single events of the 1950s.  I should go reread Cryptonomicon.

– Mac at Pesky snarks about James Dobson, who is one of the less recognized fuckers in the evangelical army.

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