The lady isn’t a tramp…


As usual, when it comes to certain subjects, I’m in a compromising position.  Literally.  I’ve held the idea that finding common ground is usually the best way to start things out, and then let things develop from there into your own preferences, molding the situation to your POV…

Yeah, obviously I’m an insidious bitch, and also obviously not a radical feminist.  Truth be told, I think that knocking down a system at its foundations, even if the system is rotten to the core, just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.  It either doesn’t work due to lack of focus or it doesn’t work due to a whole bunch of shit falling on you.  I prefer to build from the inside out until the blocks I put up hold up the building, and I’d really rather other people didn’t try to knock down the building while I’m doing that, thanks.

I’m aware probably a lot of readers will disagree with that, but that’s okay.  I’m also aware that I have a privileged status as a white and middle-class woman to be able to choose this path.  But I’m also aware that you can’t convince anyone to change anything by bashing them over the head with it, as good as it may feel for the time being.  You can call people out, yeah (I love calling people out), but that doesn’t mean smashing things up with no adequate and feasible replacement structure.  I think anyone who’s studied history knows that the 60s proved that but good.  New cultures evolve, they don’t just materialize.

That said, you can’t go anywhere without a little change.  I don’t want to buy into any bullshit that I don’t absolutely have to, and I’m not about to tolerate a lot of the stuff that goes on in the name of ‘socially acceptable’.

So I’m not a radical feminist, but at the same time I’ve discovered I have a lot of problems with a good portion of the Third Wave feminists and being down with sex work.  The main thing here is that it seems to be going nowhere fast, and works with a part of the…fine, the metaphorical patriarchy building…that is derelict.  For starters, sex work has too much history.  It’s linked to too much wrong in this society to ever be completely free of it (think Inara in ‘Shindig’).  The self as commodity is also linked to too much wrong.  Sex in general is linked too closely to too many fucked up parts too.

So yeah, empowering, maybe, but what kind of empowerment?  Empowering to have it confirmed that you’re capable of conquering a structure you didn’t build in the first place.  I don’t really buy it.  I really, honestly don’t.  And if that makes me a prude, so be it.  If it makes me unfun, so be it.

Speaking of sex work, what the shit is up with Whedon’s new TV series?  He’s is really just still firmly stuck in the same old roles, thinking he’s making an effort when he’s really not doing anything new.  I could handle that, were it not for the fact that he keeps trumpeting himself as the future of women in television. Right, well, U R DOIN IT WRONG.  Give me a woman of color as the lead, or a trans woman, or a queer woman who’s happy.  Then we can talk being subversive.  I know it when I see it.  And that ain’t it.

If he and JJ Abrams are the future of sci-fi television in this country, then stop the boat, I want to get off.


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