Come on in, the water’s fine.


The good people at NOVA have decided to inform me of another way in which we are all going to potentially die thanks to natural disaster.  I know I shouldn’t watch these things, but I’m a sucker for public television, and we don’t have cable.  (Yes, no cable; we’re in the friggin’ media Dark Ages here.)

Apparently the giant meteor wasn’t enough, nor is global warming leading to massive climate change, or potentially fatal diseases spread by the mobility of globalization.  No, no, North America is due to get BLOWED UP.  Because Yellowstone isn’t just a nature-based tourist trap, it’s the location of one of the world’s four supervolcanoes, and by the best reckoning of volcanologists, it is due to blow.  Convenient that it’s on a 600,000 year cycle and it’s been 640,000 years since it last went, eh?

All right, ‘BLOWED UP’ isn’t exactly accurate–forgive me, my degree’s in humanities.  It’d just blow up, cover a good portion of North America with an ash cloud, and then lead to a thousand year ice age planet-wide, as best as they can reckon.  To be perfectly honest, I’d rather have blowed up.  And then they had to tell us about how painful it is to breathe in volcanic ash and how it cuts up your lungs and turns into cement and leads to asphyxiation.

This is the miracle of modern science and technology.  They can find out all the things that are going to kill you ahead of time, make sure everyone knows about it via broadcast, and then figure out a solution.  I wondered if we’re going to see any supervolcano disaster movies, but then I realized that there’s not any good plot there, because there’s not any even any vaguely plausible solution.  It’d just be about all the…uh…lucky people who got to live in the caves.

That is, the rich white guys from the government.

Anyway, welcome to Attitude Problem.  I’m Bene Gesserit Witch (Bene), and I’ll be blogging about feminism, fandom, geekdom, and probably some other stuff.  For more information, check out the behind the scenes page.  Link’s up top.


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