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Right, forthcoming is a long, extended rant on how I’m angry at Rusty Dee from Doctor Who, the savior of all us queers and our representation in sci-fi, if the New York Times has it right.  I just don’t have the energy right now, and there’s interesting stuff on the TV (NOVA scienceNOW tomorrow night, […]

There are gymnasts on the TV.  Female ones, that is.  And Bob Costas and Bela Karolyi. I always wanted to be a gymnast when I was little, but at the risk of somewhat outing myself, I’ve never been small.  Thin, small-chested, that I’ve been, but you can’t be a gymnast if you’re not a good […]

As usual, when it comes to certain subjects, I’m in a compromising position.  Literally.  I’ve held the idea that finding common ground is usually the best way to start things out, and then let things develop from there into your own preferences, molding the situation to your POV… Yeah, obviously I’m an insidious bitch, and […]

The good people at NOVA have decided to inform me of another way in which we are all going to potentially die thanks to natural disaster.  I know I shouldn’t watch these things, but I’m a sucker for public television, and we don’t have cable.  (Yes, no cable; we’re in the friggin’ media Dark Ages […]



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